Manufacturing fans for cooling towers

 and air coolers

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Impellers for cooling tower fans

ZVG 25-K, ZVG 50-K, ZVG 70-K, 4VG 70-K, 6VG-74, VG-104-K fans made of composite materials (based on synthetic resins and glassfiber), with a vertical axis of impellers’ rotation (TU 4861-001-92438187-2011, Certificate of Conformity № C-RU.AG37.V.20893), are designed to create artificial traction in typical fan cooling tower for water recycling systems of oil refining, petrochemical, chemical, metallurgical and other industries with the ambient temperature from -40°C up to +50°C with a relative humidity of 98% (at the temperature of 40°C). Environment characteristics: non-explosive, not containing corrosive gases and vapors in concentrations able to destroy metal and motor insulation.

The impeller blades are made of composite materials (based on synthetic resins and fiberglass) by molding, followed by thermocuring with non-joint input and output feather of the blade edge.


Fan name Impeller diameter, mm Performance m3 / hour Pressure, Pa Number of blades
VG 25-К 2500 156000 140 3,4
VG 46-К 4575 640000 350 6
VG 50-К 5000 500000 150 3,4
VG 70-К 7000 1100000 160 3,4
VG 74-К 7315 1560000 160 6
VG 104-К 10400 2700000 100-150 5,6