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AVO 28-K fan impeller for air coolers (AVO, AVG, AVZD)

4AVO 28-K (6AVO 28-K) impellers, made of composite material (based on synthetic resin and fiberglass), with vertical axis of impeller rotation are designed to create artificial draft in standard air coolers (AVO, AVG, AVZD) for oil refining, petrochemical, chemical, metallurgical and other industries, at an ambient temperature from - 40 °C up to 50 °C.

The environment should not contain corrosive gases and vapors in concentrations destroying metal and motor insulation.

The impeller blades are made of composite materials (based on synthetic resins and fiberglass) by contact molding, followed by thermocuring with non-joint input and output feather of the blade edge.

Upon the customer’s request, we can change the hub dimensions, as well as impeller size, and introduce other changes to the fan design. The blade has got a combined nature: the spar and mount flange are made of structural steel, the blade feather is made of fiberglass with an internal power set.

8AVO 28-K impeller 4AVO 28-K impeller

Possible modifications:

  • Fan impellers, planned to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres, are made in accordance with the PB 03-590-03 requirements, completed with current-collecting wires and terminals to attach them to the hub;
  • On special request, the impellers for erosive atmospheres can be covered by b = 0,8 mm metal polymers, with hardness of HB 155 (GOST4670);
  • The front edge of the blades is covered with the wear resistant polyurethane coating;
  • to remove the static electricity the blade is coated with the conductive coating (volume resistivity: 1150 ohm cm).