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LEO metal polymers (cold welding systems)


Areas of application

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LEO metal polymers are made according to TU 2257-002-48460567-00, their properties and processing characteristics are confirmed by Quality Certificates, RF Hygiene Certificates as well as Maritime Register.

LEO metal polymers appear as the broad-functional compositions. High adhesion properties combined with structural strength, corrosion and wear resistance allow you to apply LEO metal polymers as adhesives in machine parts recovery, and as anti-corrosion and erosion coatings during replacement of surfacing welding.

Initially, LEO metal polymers represent a two-component paste which cures when mixed, forming a rigid three-dimensional structure. In a pasty state, LEO metal polymers are easily applied on any surface with a spatula. After curing, LEO metal polymers may be mechanically processed, along with metals.

Compared with traditional repair technologies, the "cold surfacing welding" method using metal polymers has the following advantages:

  • the ability to recover parts made of any materials (ferrous and non-ferrous metals, non-metals);
  • adhesion of dissimilar materials, including metals with non-metals;
  • high chemical resistance to acids, alkalis, oils, solvents and other aggressive environments;
  • no temperature and assembly stress after repairs;
  • the ability to restore defects without disassembling and removal of units and mechanisms.

Internationally, the industrial production of special polymeric repair materials (including metal polymers) has got a long history. The most famous companies producing such materials are Belzona (USA), MultiMetall (Germany), Diamant (Germany), Unirep (Germany), Loctite (USA).

IVK Service LLC is an authorized representative of the LEO Metal Polymers JSC and supplies the materials at manufacturer’s prices.