Manufacturing fans for cooling towers

 and air coolers

  168, Stara-Zagora street, Samara
  Office: +7 (846) 225-07-63
  Production location: +7 (846) 225-35-59

Integrated supply of electric motors

General-purpose motors (5АМ, AIR, 5AI, 5А, 6А, АО4, АО3)

Crane motors (ДМТF, МТF, 4МТF, MTH, 4MTH, MTKF)

High voltage motors (А4, ДАЗО4)

Explosion-proof motors (АИМ. ВА, АИММ, 2В, ВАР, АИУ, ВАО2)

Protected motors (IP23) (4АМН, 5АН, 5АМН)

Single-phase motors

Electric type motors (2ASVO, VASO)