Manufacturing fans for cooling towers

 and air coolers

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Diffusers for cooling towers and air coolers

IVK-Service LLC produces diffusers for cooling towers and air coolers.

Diffuser housing consists of several fiberglass sectors with longitudinal and transverse force set. The sectors are connected by bolts.

Our specially designed construction of a nozzle with a radial diffuser and a confuser (patent #33638) provides optimal aerodynamic characteristics of the fan at a lower altitude of the product (resulting in lower price, respectively).

Bench tests of the nozzle model for the VG-70 fan showed that the mentioned nozzle of the new design with the height of 2640 mm, increases static pressure with almost the same efficiency as the inlet with the cone diffuser and the 5150 mm confuser.

To reduce the surface erosion, the diffusers are covered with gel-coating layer (decorative and protective coating). The main design features are simplicity, ease of assembly and disassembly, as well as durability.

If agreed with the customer, we can produce diffusers of all shapes and sizes.

We have developed and patented the pipe with a radial diffuser and confuser (Patent #> 33638).

Our product range:

  • VG 25-K diffuser
  • VG 50-K diffuser
  • VG 70-K diffuser
  • AVO 8-K diffuser


Name VG-25 VG-50 VG-50 VG-70 Vg-74
H, mm 1000 1500 2200 2150 2150
D, mm 2980 6000 6000 8290 8400
D, mm 2520 5050 5050 7050 7360
Number of sections 4 8 8 24 25



Diff08Diff25Diff50 1500Diff50 2200

    Diffuser AVO 8-K           Diffuser VG 25-10-K             Diffuser VG 20-15-K           Diffuser VG 50-22-K


Diff VG70 1

Diffuser VG 70-21,5K