Manufacturing fans for cooling towers

 and air coolers

  168, Stara-Zagora street, Samara
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  Production location: +7 (846) 225-35-59


IVK-Service LLC was founded by the graduates of Kuibyshev Aviation Institute and Moscow State Technical University named after Bauman, who have got a large experience of working at the enterprises of the military-industrial complex (MIC): Progress Central Design Bureau Rocket and Space Center, Energia Volga Design Bureau, Kuibyshev Aviation Plant. Having gained all the best traditions of the military industrial complex, our organization tries to have the same approach to solving production problems in design and manufacture of industrial fans and their composite components, meant for production of air coolers and standard cooling towers for water recycling systems in such industries as oil refining, petrochemical, chemical, metallurgical and others.

IVK-Service LLC manufactures the following items:

  1. impellers, blades and diffusers made of composite materials (synthetic resin and fiberglass) for:
    • fans for cooling towers (CTF);
    • petrochemical air coolers (AC); AVZ, AVG, AVZD types;
    • air coolers for gas; AVZ, AVG, AVZD type, including AVG of the Krezo-Loire, Hudson, Nichimen, Nuovo-Pinyon, GEA companies;
    • air coolers for nitrogen production, such as AVG, AVZD, including AVG of the TEC, GEA companies;
    • drives (gearboxes, intermediate shafts, couplings) for cooling tower fans and air coolers.
  2. Impellers for wind turbines;
    • fiberglass products of any complexity and configuration;
    • metal structures of any complexity; welding, turning, milling work.

We provide comprehensive solutions for:

  • Glassfiber;
  • Epoxy resin;
  • LEO metal polymer (cold welding system);
  • Sprinklers, water traps;
  • Electric motors.