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Wind turbines and its blades

Wind turbine (electrical wind turbine unit or WTU for short) is a device for converting the kinetic wind energy into electricity.

Wind turbines can be divided into two categories: industrial and domestic (for private use). Industrial wind turbines are set up by the government or big energy corporations. As a rule, they are combined into a network, resulting in an electrical windmill. Its main difference from traditional (thermal, nuclear) energy units lies in complete absence of both raw materials and waste. The only important requirement for WTU is a high average annual wind level. The power of modern wind turbines goes up to 6 MW.

Currently IVK-Service LLC together with Togliatti transformer JSC is involved in developing and testing of the pilot lot of wind turbines with a capacity of 18kW.

In accordance with the technical task of Togliatti Transformer JSC the IVK-Service company has developed and conducted static tests and has put the 5.6m diameter wind turbine blades into mass production.

Impeller diameter, mm Number of blades 
Capacity , kWRotation speed, rpmUp to 200

Static tests of wind turbine blades

Upon the customer’s request, we can change the hub dimensions, the impeller size, as well as make other changes to the fan design. The blade has a combined structure: the spar and mount flange are made of structural steel, pen blades are made of fiberglass with an internal power set.